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Recycling And Garbage Info

The Town of Decatur be contracting with Badgerland Disposal  to provide curbside pick-up of garbage and recycling beginning January 1, 2019.  Garbage will be picked up every week and recycling every other week.  If you are a new resident the bins should have been left by the previous resident, if they are not there please call the Town Hall, 608-897-4965. If you are building a new house you will need to contact the Town Hall at 608-897-4965 to get bins and begin collection services.

Recycling Of Electronics

The Town of Decatur in conjunction with Badgerland Disposal will be hosting and electronics drop-off event at least once a year.  There will be no charge to recycle electronic items you no longer use.  Watch the website and the newspapers for details of when this event will happen. This will be for Decatur residents only.

Electronics may also be taken to the Green County Landfill for Recycling.    These items include, but are not limited to: Televisions, Computers (desktop, laptop, netbooks and tablet computers), Desktop printers (including those that Fax, scan and/or copy), Computer monitors, Fax machines, computer mice and keyboards, and all other computer accessories (hard drives, speakers, flash drives, and modems).  The cost for recycling of these items by residents is $.30/lb for televisions and other electronics.

You may contact the Town Chairperson, any Town Board member or the Town Clerk with any questions.