Solar Field Project Info

If anyone is looking for information on a solar field project, it is controlled by and overseen by the Public Service Commission, not the Town of Decatur.  You can view information on this in docket 6680-CE-183. In this docket, Alliant Energy (Wisconsin Power and Light) is applying to construct six solar generation facilities and the one near the Town of Decatur and Albany is one of these six.

You can enter your email address to subscribe to docket 6680-CE-183 on right side of this webpage: This is its Electronic Records Filing (ERF) system. 

You can also type in “6680-CE-183” into the search field on the left side of that webpage and click “Case Information” to view the details of this docket, and the Case Coordinator’s name, which you can click on to email directly. In this docket, it is Daniel Grant and he can be reached at [email protected].